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Corporate Photo Session Tips – Get Your Team Onboard

SRK Headshot Day

We work with corporations of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Our client contact is typically someone in the marketing department who has been tasked with updating the company website or marketing materials and that always means updated photography. If you are the person organizing your company’s corporate photo session, use these tips to getting your entire team onboard for their headshots.

You have convinced your team that they need new marketing materials to communicate the company’s story. This sets them apart from the competition and aids in recruiting new talent. Although team members know that their last headshot may have been taken many years ago and is in need of an update, the thought of having to get a headshot can strike fear into even the most savvy and confident, architect, financial analyst or attorney.

Now your team makes excuses for why they can’t possibly make time for a headshot session — derailing your urgent website update.

Through our years of experience, we know the best way to get your team onboard for your photography project. Here are some of our top tips:

Makeup before the Photo Session

Having a makeup artist before your corporate photo session makes for a more relaxed headshot subject.

Make sure your team knows that a makeup session with a professional makeup artist is included with their corporate photo session. In addition to making for a more natural photo, time in the makeup chair can also get your employee in the mood for their photo session.

For the women, the camera-ready makeup application looks very natural and professional. They don’t need to worry about being overly made up. The men get a light dusting of powder to minimize shine as well as a bit of grooming on eyebrows and hair. Men also don’t need to worry about being overly made up! After their session, we offer makeup wipes to whomever would like one.

Preparation for the Headshot

Once your team has scheduled their time slot, they receive a detailed confirmation with links to articles on what to bring and how to look their best. Together with you, we decide on the best wardrobe guidelines for your team and your office environment. Having a lot of data to prepare for their session helps to put most people at ease.

Constant clothing and hair adjustments during a headshot session make for a better final headshot.

Privacy During the Corporate Photo Session

Sometimes there is concern that the person will be photographed or get their makeup done in front of the entire office. The thought of being on display make many hesitate to sign up for a session. Whether the photo session is at your office or at one of our SRK Headshot Days, we want the session to be between subject and photographer so that together they can create a great photo. We do our best to create that environment when we set up our headshot day. Typically one person will be getting their makeup done while another person is getting their photo. Even with this dynamic we are able to create a personal space for each person.

Photo session privacy is important for making a subject comfortable during the corporate photo session.

Picking the Photo

We shoot connected to a computer screen during the photo session so that the subject can give immediate feedback to the photographer. This creates more of a partnership during the session — the subject helps create the photo that reflects how they want to look. After the session, we recommend sending the photo proofs to the subject as well as to you. We will let the subject know that they get to pick and you get final approval. By getting to choose, they feel part of the process.

Tethered Photography enables David Funk to review his look during his corporate photo session.

You Should Get a Headshot Too

It goes a long way in reassuring your team if you put yourself on the schedule for a headshot session. Go first! Then talk about how great the experience was. They will see that you believe in your photo team and are excited that the company is offering you this experience.

Melissa Hearon of TPG organized dozens of employee headshots and set the example by getting one of her own.

Make a Headshot Session Part of New Employee Checklist

New employees can get their headshot taken at one of our local SRK Headshot Days. We replicate the same background, style and wardrobe guidelines as we did for your initial onsite company photo day.

We hold headshot sessions in San Francisco, Oakland and Menlo Park. Our corporate clients love the convenience of this. Many of our headshot day clients are populated with new company employees. They are so impressed that the company offers such a fun perk for them.

Use these tips to prepare your team for their corporate photo session and they will enjoy the photo experience more than they thought they would. In addition, you get to finish your photo project on time with great photo images.

Check out this link for more information on our onsite corporate programs. We can also host a headshot day for your company at one of our studios.

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