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Frame your Headshot with Great Eyebrows

SRK Headshot Day

Venture Capitalist Meghan Higney has Amazing Eyebrows in this Headshot

At SRK Headshot Day our makeup artists will create a natural, professional makeup look for your headshot. An important part of that polished look is eyebrows. We want your brows to look groomed and polished and to balance out your features. Our clients are always so pleased with the results, we thought we would share some tips on how you can get that professional look for your eyebrows in front of your own makeup mirror.

For many women who have plucked their eyebrows for years and now have to contend with the fuller brow look that is in fashion, getting the right color and shape for their eyebrows can help them to look current and professional. Also, as women age their brows can become thinner and sparser. Women with a natural, fuller brow might only need a bit of color to shape and define their brows.

Andrea Ortega Costigan is a makeup artist we use frequently for corporate and headshot day customers. She likes to say, “eyebrows are sisters, not twins.” Many clients laugh but are relieved when they hear that reassuring statement. “Your goal shouldn’t be to make each eyebrow look exactly the same — which can give an unnatural appearance, but instead to balance each eyebrow to fit your features,” says Costigan

Here are a few of her tips:

Eyebrow Shape

If your forehead is wide, you won’t want too thin of an eyebrow shape. If your eyebrows are short you may want to extend them to balance the rest of your features. If you have petite features you might want to comb your eyebrows to give them a sleek appearance so that they don’t overwhelm your features.

Monica Edwards, Realtor

Eyebrow Color

If you are blonde, you might want to add depth to your brows with a pencil that is one shade darker than your hair color and that has an ash undertone. Stay away from anything with red or orange undertones. Brunettes, if your hair is very dark, almost black, don’t assume you need to match your brows to your hair color. Depending on your skin tone, a black pencil can make your brows look too harsh. Instead, use a brow pencil or shadow that is one shade lighter than your hair for a softer more balanced look. For darker skin tones or Asian skin tones, try a deep brown or charcoal color. Redheads can opt for warmer shades such as caramel or auburn to match their hair color.

Eyebrow Tool Technique

One tip on technique is to hold your brow brush or pencil the way you would hold a writing pencil, that way you have good control. Try to fill in the inner part of your brow with a soft, feathery touch, and use more color or pressure on the outer part of the brow. This will create more sculpted, but not overly drawn on eyebrows. If you have applied too much product, simply comb through your eyebrows to brush off excess product.

Denise de Ville, Sr. Vice President

Makeup Products

Picking the right product from all the many choices at the makeup counter can be overwhelming. Costigan recommends eyebrow pencils by Anastasia. They have great colors and are easy to use. An eyeshadow in the correct color applied with a small slanted brush is also a great option. Gel products can be more challenging to apply but are a good choice if you are trying to cover a few of those stubborn grey hairs and to sleek back any unruly hairs.

Eyebrows for Men

Men, we haven’t forgotten you — well-groomed eyebrows are also important for you. At your headshot appointment our makeup artist will comb through your brows and sometimes give them a trim if they are a bit too bushy. To keep this groomed look, as your barber to give them a trim when you get a haircut.

At SRK Headshot Day, a polished and professional look is an important part of creating a great photo that represents the way you want to look to your audience. Book your appointment today and get the full makeup session included with your appointment, and some special attention to your eyebrows.

Laura Indolfi – CEO PanTher Therapeutics.

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