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Makeup Color Correction – Neutralize, don’t Camouflage

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Gwendolyn Whitney – Senior Director of Sales Analytics & Operations

In a recent post we demystified how to get great looking eyebrows. In this post we tackle a hot beauty trend — color correction.

Color correction not only neutralizes redness or other skin imperfections such as dark spots, dark circles under the eye or other hyperpigmentation issues, but also has the effect of making the skin look brighter.

Color correction is actually not a new technique but one makeup artists have long used to obtain a flawless skin texture. Our professional makeup artists at SRK Headshot Day routinely apply color correction on our customers. Even our male customers benefit from color correction if they have a lot of redness in their cheeks either from a natural tendency to ruddiness or from spending too much time in the sun. The goal isn’t to pile on a lot of color correction product but instead to use a very small amount to neutralize redness or other skin discolorations. Think neutralize, not camouflage.

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Our customers love the effect of color correction but lament that there is no way they could master the technique of color correction in front of their own makeup mirrors. But our artists apply more color correcting than you would need for a day at the office or even a night on the town because the lights we use during your headshot session are very bright so camera-ready makeup — which is typically heavier than your everyday makeup — is needed to counter the bright lights. Pinpoint correction where you strive to correct every dark or red spot is often overkill for daily life.

So, learning to color correct is easier than you think even though it seems every cosmetic company has introduced a new color correction product and every day brings a new magazine article about the best products and techniques. But really, once you know a bit about color theory and skin tone, you are ready to select the best products for you.

Color Theory

For our use in color correction, a color wheel (a circle used to show the relationships between color) is made up of primary and secondary hues. Primary hues are red, yellow and blue. Secondary hues are orange, green and purple. Colors at opposing points on the wheel can neutralize each other. And that is what we want — to neutralize what we don’t want, for example, the red of a blemish or the brown of a dark spot.

For Color Correction Determine Your Skin Tone

Is your skin dark, medium or light in tone?

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What Products to Buy for Color Correction

Match the Right Color to your Skin Tone
Dark Skin:
Select deep red, apricot or orange colors to neutralize blemishes or other discoloration. Red is perfect for stubborn under eye circles.

Medium Skin:
Orange and apricot tones are a perfect match for you. Peach will brighten under your eye.

Light Skin:
Here we will use the pastel hues — green, lavender, pink. Green works well to cancel the redness of a pimple, pale pink for dark spots and yellow for under the eye.

There is a wide selection of products now available on the market for color correction. Here are some products to try at home to get your inner glow going strong or to neutralize the occasional blemish.

Color Correcting Primers
Often a color corrective primer will give you all the brightness and color correction you need. These primers are easy to apply and give an instant radiant boost to all skin tones. Just apply like you would a foundation or a moisturizer. You can follow the primer with your foundation and other makeup.

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MakeUp Forever Skin Equalizer Primers – Texture & Redness Correcting

SmashBox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer

Givenchy Prisme Primer

Brightening Powders
Brightening powders are another easy way to light up a complexion and color correct. Just brush it on over your foundation or bare skin.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
Givenchy Prisme Libre loose powder
Bare Minerals Well Rested Product Line
Besame Cosmetics Brightening Face Powder

Crayons, poured pans, pens, cushions….
Choices abound to accomplish pinpoint color correction. To put the color only where you want it — for example on a blemish, around nose redness, on a dark spot, under the eye, and so on — try some of these excellent products:

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Corrector

SmashBox Color Correcting Stick
Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

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You really only want to use a tiny amount of product when you are doing pinpoint correction. Thin out any product using a bit of Argan Oil. Put the color on the back of your hand then mix in a few drops of oil.

Josie Maran Argan Oil.

Vicki Nguyen – Global Partnerships Director

Your Makeup Session at SRK Headshot Day

Hopefully this guide gives you a range of easy options to help you achieve a well-rested look and an even textured skin tone at home. Our professional makeup artists are always happy to offer all kinds of makeup tips and tricks during your SRK Headshot session. I often see them scribbling a list of suggested products to customers before they leave. Just another way we help customers look their best and have a great time at SRK Headshot Day. Book your session today at SRKHeadshotDay.com

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Note: This article was written by SRK Headshot Day Producer Patricia H. Kline

Color Correction Makeup is not just for photography.

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