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The Benefits of a 30 Minute Coached Photo Session

SRK Headshot Day

An effortless, confident smile sends a strong message in a headshot like this one from Lindsay Sharma at her 30 minute coached photo session.

We are often asked why we make such a big deal out of our 30-minute coached photo session for headshot photography. After all, people are used to driver’s license photos, school photos and other shorter duration photo shoots. Here are the benefits of a 30-minute coached photo session versus a shorter, rushed session.

Build a Strong Rapport

Usually the people I am photographing have not met me in person. A 30-minute photo session gives us a chance to get comfortable with one another. Building trust is essential in getting that special portrait where the subject really connects with the camera, and therefore the viewer of the photo. A 30-minute session is more like a dinner date and less like speed dating.

Showing the comfort from a 30-minute coached session are four subjects from SRK Headshot Days.

Tailor the Light To Your Face

Everyone has a good side, except maybe Denzel Washington, who has a perfectly symmetrical face. During a longer session, I can study how the light works on someone’s face. I can alter how they pose. I can adjust the lights accordingly to be the most flattering. If the subject wears glasses, I can make it so the reflections are minimal but I still get the beautiful catch light. (A catch light is that reflection in your eye from the lights being used by the photographer.)

Shoot Multiple Backgrounds

In our full SRK Headshot Day package, we feature two backgrounds – usually a black and a white. I light them differently, using three lights on the black background for a more edgy look. The white background shot is literally more straight-forward with the light being right in front of the subject. Having two different looks allows you to use the photos for different scenarios. Many customers like to put the white background shot on LinkedIn and use the black background shot for other social media. The white background shot also converts nicely to black and white.

Tanya Narath came to SRK Headshot Day and got three outfits and two backgrounds during her 30 minute session.

Change Wardrobe Multiple Times

During a 30-minute session, I can shoot three to four different wardrobe combinations. This makes for lots of choices and the ability to frequently change your photo on LinkedIn, Facebook and social media sites. You can have a more business like attire for one look, more casual for another, and maybe arty or sexy for the third. 30 minutes allows time to get a good shot in each outfit.

Build a Library

Finally, it’s all about building a library. By having a large variety of moods, backgrounds, wardrobes and poses, you can come back to your library again and again to freshen up the look on your website or social media. Our social media experts even think that changing your profile photo frequently raises awareness of you on the sites you are using.

So, eve if you are a busy executive, take the time to get your photos right. You will get much more return on your investment of time if you spend just a few more minutes to get it right. You will also have more fun during your session. You can book your session now at SRKHeadshotDay.com/book-now.


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