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Garage Doors make a Great Headshot Background

SRK Headshot Day

Adrienne Dale of Pivotal in a Personal Branding Photo on with a Truck Roll-up Door headshot background.

A favorite headshot background is a truck door or garage door. “A truck door?” you ask. Yes. They are colorful, have great geometric patterns and in our studio neighborhood of Dogpatch, they are plentiful. Here are a few examples of some of the portraits we have done. Some were part of our 60 Minute Sessions, where we venture out of the studio and some were part of our SRK Personal Branding sessions where we craft personalized photos for websites.

The first example is of Adrienne Dale (See above) for her website. For Adrienne’s company Pivotal’s website she wants to stress her fractional COO skills as they relate to managing data. She got the blue shirt with her message and we paired it with a red jacket. The Superwoman reference was obvious, so we gave a super hero pose. The door as a headshot background added the dramatic vanishing point with horizontal lines, implying movement like a comic book.

Rajkumar Kalapatapu at SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco

Raj Kalapatapu came in for some personal photos. His stylist came along. We wanted to show Raj’s fun side, so we put him in Sunglasses and posed him in front of a narrow rollup door for his headshot background. We did lots of poses, but the favorite was this full-body portrait of him sitting one a yellow post that protects the door.

Shannon Grant Portrait in front of an architectural Garage Door

Near our studio is a garage door that is a work of art. Shannon Grant came in for a 60 minute session and we photographed her in front of the architectural metal garage door. Sunlight for the side lit her blonde hair to give separation from the background.

Daniel Borba in his blue door period.

Daniel Borba is a data management consultant for mortgage brokers. He wanted more than a studio session, so he booked one of our 60 minute sessions. This photo in front of a blue rollup door near our studio gives a colorful environmental headshot background with horizontal lines adding interest.

Patricia Kline in Yellow Raincoat and Umbrella with Green boots in Dogpatch. Photo by Scott R. Kline.

I have always loved this green and yellow roll-up door about a block from out San Francisco photo studio. So we ordered up a yellow rain slicker and some green boots and had Patricia Kline pose in front with a yellow umbrella. Patricia was looking off to the side at our makeup artist Andrea Costigan when I snapped this keeper.

Music Artist Jenny Bouton with her guitar. Photographed in Dogpatch, San Francisco, CA by Scott R. Kline.

Jenny Bouton is our makeup artist and a talented musician as well. During a personal branding session, we posed her on the inside of this truck door to the floor of the ShopFloor building where our studio resides. a gridded light source created the darkened effect around the edges of the light source.

John Liston of J Liston Design with one of his lighting creations.

On the same door as Jenny, I photographed artist John Liston with one of his lighting creations. I lit the door with a light from below. When I color corrected the yellowness of his lamp light it made for a blue tint on the door behind him. Once again, I think the door makes for a more textured and complex portrait background than a standard studio seamless backdrop.

Scott Garl – Outdoor Headshot with Rusted Gate

Scott Garl came in for a 60 minute session and when I saw his blue shirt I wanted to photograph him on a rusted metal gate across the street from our studio. We used a hard lighting source right above the camera lens to create a rougher lighting effect.

Emily Wright Moore, Interaction Designer in front of a stainless steel door.

Emily Wright Moore also came in for a 60 minute session. We found this shiny stainless steel steel door a couple of blocks from our studio. It makes a very soft background, but the reflectivity provides a soft glow that we find really soothing.

Andrew and Lena Hall of Hall Law Outside an unusual metal gate in Dogpatch.

Andrew and Lena Hall are partners in their law firm. We wanted a photo of them together. This amazing gate is on the Muni facility in Dogpatch. It has a futuristic feel and the heavy pattern of the door looks very different depending on which direction you photograph from and which direction you light this headshot background.

All these backgrounds are within close proximity to our Dogpatch studio and can be used in your business portrait or personal branding photography. Contact us if you want to discuss a session or go ahead and book a 60 minute session on our website.

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