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Matching Headshots for New Employees

SRK Headshot Day
12 different background options for headshots shot in studio.

When you bring a new employee on board, it is critical that they have a headshot that matches the rest of your team. Three aspects that need to be matched are background, crop and wardrobe. At SRK Headshot Day we will make sure that these three elements are done to perfection, even if we did not do your original headshots.

Matching Backgrounds for Headshots

Matching the background on headshots for your company website is a must when adding a new employee to the team page.You don’t want that new employee to stick out like a sore thumb. Make sure to have a background or lighting style that is the same for all employees on your team page. It’s easy to make them all match when they are all shot on the same day at the same location and by the same photographer. But what happens as you add new employees months or years later? Don’t wait until you have enough people to justify another on-site photoshoot. You end up with a number of employees with the dreaded default silhouette and just their name to identify them.

We have the solution. Send your new employees to us. All we need is a sample image and we can match the new employee headshot to the others. Sometimes this takes shooting on a neutral background and then replacing a background. Sometimes we can match it in studio. We can even add a background from a location shoot as long as you give us a good example to match or a sample shot of the background. We can also do black-and-white photos.

It’s easy. Send us the sample you want to match and we will confirm we can match it. Then book your employee for one of our 30 minute classic sessions at one of our convenient SRK Headshot Days in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Silicon Valley. 

We will photograph your employee on the appropriate background. We send you and them the proofs. You pick the photos you want retouched. We match the background to the sample you originally sent us. If we need to do a background replacement, we make sure we have photographed the employee so that the replacement can be done seamlessly.

Various crops for headshots

Crops for Matching Headshots

Crops are as important as the backgrounds for matching headshots. We will match the crop on your current team headshots. That includes width and height dimensions and size of final image. In addition, we can shoot people half body or headshot crop, whichever you prefer. Half body photos can be cropped to a headshot crop as well for use with social media. 

Wardrobe Standards for Your Company Headshots

We can also communicate your wardrobe requirements for the team. Neckties, blazers, polo shirts, none of the above. Let us know and we will communicate. We have wardrobe guidelines suggestions and you can tailor them further. 

We can serve most locations in California with SRK Headshot Days in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Sacramento. We can come to your location as well. We recently photographed multiple locations for a law firm with offices in San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento, Concord, Ontario, Los Angeles, Ventura, Thousand Oaks and Sacramento.

Contact us and we can answer your questions. Then every time you have a new employee, send them to us as part of their onboarding process. When you add their new photo to your team page, they will feel like one of the family. 

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