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Multiple Office Headshots

SRK Headshot Day
15 attorneys on the Bradford Barthel website photographed by SRK Headshot Day in multpile locations in California

Do your company employees feel like they are part of the team? One way to communicate to your people and the outside world that you are a unified team is by providing every employee with headshots that match. This gets even harder as you add new people and want them to feel welcomed to the team. If your company has multiple locations with dozens or even hundreds of employees, it is very tricky to keep the photos consistent. Working with SRK Headshot Day can make that happen.

Case in point is Bradford & Barthel, a California law firm with 13 offices. Tammey Welty was in charge of making everything on the website feel like it was one unified team. She chose us to create the headshots. We asked Tammey why she worked with us and what she liked about it. Here are her answers to our questions. 

Tell us about Bradford & Barthel and what your firm specializes in.   

With hundreds of years of collective defense experience, Bradford & Barthel’s 90+ attorneys across 13 offices defend our clients in workers’ compensation matters at every WCAB (Workers Compensation Appeals Board) in California and is recognized throughout California as a leader in the defense of workers’ compensation claims.

Why was it important to have all the photos on your team page match?  

Uniformity is important on a team because it creates a sense of belonging, a team spirit and a feeling that everyone belongs together.  

What were a couple of big factors in choosing us for your photography?  

The references provided on your website, the competitiveness of your pricing, the ease of use and your availability statewide were factors in choosing your team.

How much easier is it for you to onboard new employees knowing you can send them to us?  

You have made that task much easier and we look forward to onboarding and getting pictures up immediately as it is essential to the success of the new hire.  Clients want to see the new attorney before selecting them for their panel.

We photographed these attorneys at different offices all over California

What have been your employee’s reactions to seeing themselves on the website?  

There has been overall satisfaction from the majority of our attorneys including compliments from clients.

How does having matching photos on your site enhance your image? 

Again, it creates a culture and a sense of togetherness for all of our attorneys.  

Anything else you would like to say regarding your experience using SRK Headshot Day for your photos? 

We received nothing but positive feedback from every office about Scott and Patricia.  They are both pleasant to work with, kind and put our attorneys at ease about having their pictures taken.  

Thanks Tammey. 

If your company has multiple offices and lots of employees including a constant supply of new employees, we make it easy to get matching headshots for everyone. We will travel anywhere in California. We also have SRK Headshot Day locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Sacramento. Individual new employees can be sent to any of these locations to get them easily and cost-effectively added to your website.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a Corporate Headshot Day for six or more employees at your location. If you have fewer than six, you can send them to us at one of our four locations. Book your session on our Book Now page.

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