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Headshot Hair – What to Do During Your Session

SRK Headshot Day

Hair full forward on both sides in a headshot.

For all of our SRK Headshot Day sessions, we ask that clients arrive with their hair the way they like and ready to be photographed since we won’t have time to style hair prior to your session. Many of our female clients go to their local dry bar (like Dry Bar) for a blow out.

Men should make sure nose and eyebrow hairs are trimmed. Unless you normally have a beard, shave the morning of your photo session. If you want to rock the stubble look a three-four day growth looks much better than a two day growth, which just looks like you forgot. We will have hair spray and other hair smoothing products should you need a touch up before or during your session.

So now that your hair is looking sharp — here are some ideas for what to do with your hair during your session to give you several different headshot looks. We photograph tethered to a laptop computer so you can see how the different options look during your session.

Hair tucked behind one ear and pulled behind one shoulder in a headshot.

Hair Positioning in a Headshot

Women with long hair can avoid the “Cousin It” look by making sure all your hair is not completely covering your shoulders whether it is forward or back.

Try your hair all in back or all in front. You can see how you like having all hair on only one side but this can often look like a high school year book photo.

Hair tucked behind both ears in a headshot.

Try tucking your hair behind one or both ears.

Remember we want the focus on your face. We should be able to see both eyes and both eyebrows. If you have a hair style like side bangs where the hair covers part of your eye we might smooth those into your hair or pin them if needed so your hair style still looks great but they are out of the way.

Hair pulled back with ponytail partially showing for an actor headshot.

You might want to try pinning your hair up — this can really look pretty and shows the face and jaw line really well. This can be great in an actor headshot so the casting director can see your face.

Hair pulled back with ponytail showing.

Make sure you are conscious of a ponytail in your photo. You want enough showing to make it look intentional. Or no ponytail showing at all can work too. Just be aware.

If you don’t normally curl your hair, don’t go crazy with the curls the day of your session. Conversely if you have curly or wavy hair you might not want to have it straightened so it is stick straight. We find that clients who have their hair styled the way they normally wear it everyday are the most comfortable during their session.

Try pulling your hair back on both sides in your headshot.

Hair Tips for Men

And men, if you aren’t happy with the state of your hair line, we will have you put your chin down and push your forehead toward the camera like a turtle coming out of its shell. This shows more of the top of your head and gives the appearance of a fuller hair line. It does nice things for your jawline as well.

Our biggest goal when you get your headshot is for it to look like the best version of you in the present. You can book your headshot at one of our upcoming SRK Headshot Day sessions at a location near you.

We can have fun with hair at SRK Headshot Day too! 


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