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Andrew Lea – Headshot of the Week

SRK Headshot Day

Andrew Lea is a San Francisco Bay Area marketing consultant and content developer.

Andrew Lea, our Headshot of the Week, came to our San Francisco headshot day. We were excited to help him create a headshot for him that communicated his dynamic personality. Andrew had this to say about his SRK Headshot Day experience:

“Scott really understands the art of headshot photography. After my Headshot Day experience, I realized that it’s about much more than having the right studio with the right lighting and cameras. It’s about the experience you’ll have when you walk through the door.

“Scott and Patricia made me feel not only welcomed and comfortable; they even made me feel photogenic! Scott helped me choose the right attire and then coached me through the session, making it a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Additionally — unlike the many alternatives I saw on Yelp — the HeadShot Day team includes a professional makeup and hair stylist! With lots of help, I was looking pretty good by the time the lights came on.

“But Scott’s skills extend from the studio to the computer; his image editing skills provided the final ‘improvements’ I needed to look my best in the final photo.”

Andrew is a San Francisco Bay Area marketing consultant and content developer. He works with B2B technology companies and start-ups.Learn more about Andrew on his website writeontargetmarketing.com.

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