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Turn a Headshot into a Portrait

SRK Headshot Day

The SRK Headshot Day 60 minute headshot session has become a creative way for our headshot customers to create distinctive portraits for their website, author book jackets and social media.

Each 60 minute subject gets a phone call to discuss the goals for the session. We develop a shot list, discuss wardrobe, locations and concepts. Our studio in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood has boundless background options at our disposal. We can move from studio to indoor environmental photos to outdoors. We can even add props, costumes or special makeup. All during one tightly planned 60 minute session. If you have an idea and aren’t sure if we can accomplish it in a 60 minute session, just give us a call before you book.

Below are some of the examples from recent sessions.

Indoor Showroom Environment for your Portrait

Karen Sabine in a sitting portrait in our showroom at SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco

Our location at ShopFloor Design in San Francisco gives us access to a spacious, modern, well-lit set of indoor backgrounds. Modern furniture on site can be used in the photo too. This is all just steps from our upstairs studio. Full-body and wider portraits work well in this location. Soft focus backgrounds are a staple of this setting.

CEO Ryan Welsh in a soft focus background portrait in our Showroom Setting

Outdoor Locations for Portraits and Headshots

Barry Hartman in front of the entry door to our showroom and studio at ShopFloor in Dogpatch.

Many fabulous backgrounds for portraits exist right outside our door at our San Francisco Studio. We love the look of warehouse doors and gates with great patinas and vanishing-point lines. Our mobile lighting rig is on wheels and we can easily locate to various locations in minutes. We have a small, verdant park a block from our studio that is great for nature settings.

Andrew and Lena Hall of Hall Law Outside an unusual metal gate in Dogpatch.

Custom Backgrounds in Your Portrait

Music Artist Jenny Bouton with her guitar in front of a metal background.

We have lots of great background colors and styles. Our Metal Background Portraits have a deep and lustrous quality you won’t see anywhere else. We have seamless backgrounds in dozens of colors. Just let us know in advance what you are looking for and we can make it happen. Or reach out, we would love to brainstorm with you.

Author and Comedian Sarah Cooper Portrait in Pink Dress on a Purple Background.

Special Lighting in Your Portrait

Andrea Ortega Costigan in Colorful Background Profile using gels.

Want to get a unique look in your studio portrait? Many of our clients have seen photos they like in magazines or online. They send us the portrait and we reverse engineer the lighting to match the look and feel of the photo. Since this requires a special lighting setup, we use the 60 minute session to dial it all in. We review the photos as we shoot on our tethered laptop to make sure it is just what you want. We love black and white as well.

Lina Craighill in a Black and White Profile Portrait

Studio Props in Your Headshot Session

Author Azalia Dorner Brought her Typewriter and colorful wardrobe to her 60 minute session and ended up with a distinctive author portrait.

Do you want to bring some props to say a little more about your profession, hobby or other interests? We love working with props. We can set up a table, use chairs or bring in large props as well. We even have a prop stylist as a resource if you do not have what you need to make the vision you have into reality. Our makeup artists are also creative with makeup to help you get your point across.

Interior Motions employees come to SRK Headshot Day. We use a prop stylist to make them into their chosen circus character.

Get The Creative Juices Flowing for Your Portrait

Ebba Blitz of Alertsec drills though a hard drive. The best way to guarantee that non-encrypted data is destroyed.

Do you have a vision for your portrait? We can figure out how to do it. We love a team approach and love to brainstorm. Have a story to tell? Tell it in your Portrait. If you have a concept for your portrait, please reach out and let’s talk. You can email or get started right now by booking your 60 minute session on our Book Now page.

The Fellow Products Team dons some classic family portrait costumes and props for this photo used on a Kickstarter campaign that raised several hundred thousand dollars


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