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Headshot Wardrobe Now Available for your Session

SRK Headshot Day

Kaitlin Yount’s red blouse is the perfect headshot wardrobe.

You’ve scheduled your SRK Headshot Day professional headshot session but you just realized that you left your garment bag with all your clothes at home and you have no time to return home to get them. Or you just found out you are getting an award at work. You are thrilled but HR needs your headshot ASAP and no way do you want to give them your current headshot which is you at your sister’s wedding.

Whatever your wardrobe malfunction is — SRK Headshot Day has you covered. Literally. We now offer a curated selection of women’s and men’s attire for use by our headshot day customers including blazers, ties, dress shirts and tops.

Eric Douglas knows a navy blazer and solid blue shirt are prime-time performers for a headshot.

Just one more way SRK Headshot Day helps you look your best in your professional headshot.

Get more wardrobe tips for women’s attire on our previous blog. For men we have a great tip sheet on our LinkedIn page. Or sign up for your headshot today on our Book Now page.

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