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Picking Your Photos From Proofs

SRK Headshot Day

Dawn Garcia Managing Director at John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford University

You have finished your Headshot Day photo session and now you have received the link to your proofs of your professional headshots. What do you do now?

– View Your Proofs Online and Pick A Few You Like
– Record The 4-digit ID Numbers For The Photos You Want Retouched
– Email Us The 4-Digit Codes of the Photos
– Let Us Know Any Specific Retouching Requests or Concerns

Hopefully, you thought about the mood of the photo that you wanted and what your medium, message and audience were before your shoot.  So you should know what you are looking for. Remember these are unfinished proofs. Adjustments, retouching and color balancing will be done. Don’t worry about a photo being too dark, or the color being off. Don’t worry about the occasional stray hair. Those are easy to remove. We also will do our best to remove glasses reflections and distortion. Pick the shot that has the right mood and feel to it. Let the retoucher fix the technical issues.

First, most of our customers receive their photos as a link via Dropbox or Box. You can page through and find the ones you like. For your convenience we put them in two folders. All_Shots has all of the photos worth reviewing in it. Scotts_Faves has the photographer’s favorites to make it easier to find some good ones. If you were at a tethered headshot session, you may also have some favorites, which can be found in this folder.

Make Sure to Tell Us The Filenumber for Your Proofs Selection

As you review, write the file number down. This is what you will send to us for retouching. There is a four-digit code at the end of the file name for each photo. Use this to identify your selected photos. Example: Andrea_Ortega_Costigan_Headshot_16G2744. We want the 2744.

Pick the filenumber for your proof from the end of the filename at the top of the page in Dropbox.

Finally, forward the photo numbers on to us for retouching. If there are specific things you want done to the photo, please send along that request. We always do our best to accommodate. Some things that people frequently ask are:

– Fix a crooked or dark tooth
– Remove a mole or don’t remove a mole (beauty mark)
– Remove a scar. Or don’t

We also get a lot of requests for alterations to uneven eyes, flatten out ears that stick out, and even “make me look 20 years younger”. We do our best to make these changes subtle if possible. But we also want the headshot to look like you. You don’t want to show up for your meeting and have the other person not recognize you from your photo.

We hope this makes it easier to pick your photos from the proofs we sent. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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