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Rotate Your Social Media Headshot for Maximum Results

SRK Headshot Day

Paula Vergara can use these three versions of her headshot in rotation on LinkedIn. It keeps her profile fresh and reminds people of her expertise.

Rotating your headshot on LinkedIn and other social media is a great way to stay in front of your contacts and audience.

This is step three in the simple process of using your professional headshot to market yourself on line and in social media. Step one is to get a professional headshot that works great on LinkedIn. Read about all the elements for a great headshot by clicking here. Step two is to crop the photo to maximize its effectiveness in getting you recognized when someone logs in. To read about cropping click here. Step three is to have three good photos you can rotate every two months.

Every time your profile photo is updated, your contacts see this in their feed on the home page of their LinkedIn page. Seeing your face will remind them about you. They will recognize you and remember how they know you. It might even remind them that they need your service or products. It will also refresh your memory so that if someone else asks them about your type of service or product they will be ready to make a referral to you.

Social Selling Expert Kurt Shaver knows that rotating your headshot frequently on LinkedIn keeps you in front of connections.

It is best to have three different headshots. Cycle a new one into use every two months. In this way, you re-use each shot only twice per year. If you only have one or two headshots, convert one to black-and-white for a little variety. In the example above, Kurt Shaver, social selling expert, has two shots. One smiling and one more serious. We took the headshot where he is smiling and converted it to black and white. Kurt can now change out these shots every two months.

As mentioned above, make sure your headshot is cropped properly to feature your face. A tight crop does works well on a iPhone or other small screens where people might view your profile. Learn more about cropping your your profile picture by clicking here.

We have lots more advice about using your headshot for marketing and social media on this blog. If you need a professional headshot, you can get one at SRK Headshot Day. We have 30-minute coached photography sessions including makeup and wardrobe consultation. We locations in Oakland, San Francisco and Menlo Park several days every month.

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