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SRK Headshot Day – Covid-19 Preparations

SRK Headshot Day
SRK Headshot Day Team

We are looking forward to seeing new and existing clients at our upcoming SRK Headshot Days.  We take many precautions to continue to keep everyone at work and healthy.  

Whether you are coming to one of our studio locations or are participating as an employee at your company’s onsite corporate SRK Headshot Day, we want to make certain you know what steps we are taking to ensure your good health.

All members of the SRK Headshot Day team are vaccinated. No member will attend a headshot session if they have any symptoms of the disease. We require that clients be fully vaccinated and that they provide proof of vaccination upon arrival at their session. 

All team members will wear masks.

Note that the photographer is already six feet from you while behind the camera! 

Additional Precautions at our Studio locations:

During your photo session you will be the only client in the area with the photogapher who is placed 6 feet from you.

All of our studio locations have doors that open to the street and these doors will remain open during your session. 

Other studio personnel and clients with the makeup artist will be socially distanced within the studio.

If you are attending a 30 or 60 minute session that includes the services of our professional makeup artist:  

Makeup artists will wear a mask. We will sterilize brushes between sessions with alcohol.

Additional Precautions at Corporate Onsite Headshot Days

If you are an employee attending your company’s onsite headshot day, please note that we will follow the above precautions as well as request a separate room for our makeup artist so that we do not have more than the photographer and the person being photographed in the same room. If you are attending a session that does not include the services of a makeup artist, we will contact you when it is time for your session so we do not have multiple people in the same room waiting for their session to begin.

We hope this helps clarify the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe but if not, please feel free to reach out with questions. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at an upcoming SRK Headshot Day.

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