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SRK Headshot Day Teams with Upwardly Global to Assist Immigrant Job Seekers

SRK Headshot Day

Three Clients from Upwardly Global came in for headshots at SRK Headshot Day. Upwardly Global serves refugees by helping those with Technical skills find jobs in their field.

Ethiopia, Iran, India, the Philippines, Russia, Africa, Tunisia — no we haven’t been traveling around the world. These are just a sampling of the countries represented by the immigrants we have had the privilege to host in our San Francisco headshot photo studio over the last six months since we started working with Upwardly Global.

These immigrants and refugees are seeking employment in the field that they have been trained for in their home country. Doctors, attorneys, accountants, civil engineers, — even a film editor — all eagerly awaiting to put their skills to use in their new country.

We have teamed with the amazing folks at Upwardly Global to provide no charge headshot sessions to their clients as they put together their LinkedIn profiles and other employment materials.

According to Upwardly Global (or UpGlo — their nickname that certainly seems appropriate!), there are more than 1.8 million immigrants in the U.S. who are college-educated but who are unemployed or significantly underemployed.

In their home countries they were trained professionals working in their chosen fields but in the U.S. in order to survive they work as cashiers, Uber drivers, nannies or other worthwhile jobs but not the professions they were trained for or where they hope to make their living.

Upwardly Global provides free job search training and services to help these skilled immigrants and refugees to help rebuild their professional careers in the U.S. They were founded in San Francisco in 1999 and now also have offices in Chicago, New York and Maryland. You can read more about how UpGlo was founded at this link — it is an inspiring story of how one person can have an idea to help others that turns into a national organization that helps so many. In fact, Upwardly Global has trained more than 11,000 skilled immigrants and helped more than 4,500 return to work in their career fields.

In addition to job training, Upwardly Global also works with potential employers looking to recruit internationally trained talent.

If you are looking for skilled professionals — consider reaching out to Upwardly Global to see if one of their clients could be that perfect match for your company. There are also opportunities for companies as well as individuals to contribute their time and money to UpGlo’s mission.

For more information please contact Mary Voelbel, program director of the San Francisco office of Upwardly Global: mary@upwardlyglobal.org

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