About SRK Headshot Day Photography

SRK Headshot Day Clients in studio and environmental settings.

SRK Headshot Day provides individuals and companies with professional headshot photography that is coached, customized and convenient. Headshot Days appear at various convenient locations throughout California. Companies and groups needing headshot photography can set up a Corporate Headshot Day at their headquarters or another location near them. Sign up for our monthly email newsletter and receive tips on looking good in your photos, coaching your clients, getting creative with your team page and using your photos on social media. Join our email list by clicking here and you will receive a free 10-page PDF covering tips for looking great in your headshot or your portrait. Get great tips about what to bring to SRK Headshot Day and how to use your professional headshots in our blog. We also have an FAQ that answers our customers’ most Frequently Asked Questions.Learn more about our headshot pricing and retouching packages.

We love our customers and they love to sing our praises. Please visit our testimonials and recommendations page to read our glowing reviews.

Your Headshot Day team consists of a photographer, a producer and a professional makeup artist. This team makes sure the process is easy and you get a retouched photo perfect for your website, about page, social media or printed material.

Meet the team, click on each one for another photo.

Scott R. Kline, Photographer

Patricia Kline, Producer

Jennifer Toy, Makeup Artist

April Saurez, Makeup Artist

Amy Galibut, Makeup Artist

Maria Landoni, Makeup Artist

Jenny Bouton, Makeup Artist

Dallis Willard, Photographer

Learn more about our Locations in San Francisco, Menlo Park-Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

People are always asking us for resources in preparing for their headshot session. They also ask us about how we have gotten so much success on our website and social media. We created a resource page of people we have found invaluable in building our business and referring to clients.

Many valuable partners helped make this website a success. If you are creating a website and need a great team, you need to look no further. Links and information on our credits page.

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