FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about headshots and portraits in general and SRK Headshot Day in particular. If you have a question, please email us at scott@scottrklinephoto.com.

What is the cost of an SRK Headshot Day headshot session?

Each 30 minute individual SRK Headshot Day session is $350. This includes wardrobe advice, makeup, a 30-minute coached headshot session, two backgrounds, digital proofs, and one final image selection that is retouched at no additional charge. We also have a 60 minute session for $695 that offers more backgrounds and poses at our San Francisco location. And we offer a Corporate Headshot program for $350 per person. See all our pricing on our pricing and packages page.

What if I want additional final images retouched?

Retouching for each additional photo selection is $125. Get all the details on our pricing and packages page.

Can you provide matching headshots for my multiple offices?

Yes. That’s our specialty. We set up a standards program so that as you add people in multiple offices it’s a seamless process. We can provide headshots for all your California offices and are active in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area. We will also travel to Sacramento, San Diego, Orange County or anywhere else in California. For employees in other states or countries, we are glad to share our standards with other photographers to make sure all your shots match up.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Payment is non-refundable and your appointment cannot be rescheduled or canceled within one day prior to your appointment date. For example: If you are scheduled for a Thursday appointment there are no changes after Tuesday.

What is a coached photo session and why do you recommend 30 minutes per person for a headshot?

We feel that the best results for a headshot require enough time to build a rapport between the photographer and the subject. Also, in a 30-minute session we can get lots of different looks including multiple backgrounds and wardrobe changes. See all the benefits in our blog about the Benefits of a 30 Minute Headshot Session.

Do I really need makeup for my headshot?

We strongly recommend it. Even for men. It reduces shine, makes retouching look more natural and tames your hair. See all the reasons for why you should use a makeup artist for your headshot.

Can I get my headshots in black and white?

Absolutely, we can convert your photos to black and white at no extra charge. We do more than just make them black and white. We optimize the contrast and other elements of the photo to make them pop.

Can I get a print of my image?

We include a high-resolution version of each retouched headshot with our standard package. This can be printed by any photo printing provider. We recommend some places to get your photos printed on our blog.

How do I put my photo on LinkedIn or other social media sites?

We send you a specially cropped photo just for social media. All you have to do is load it on each site. Here are instructions for Posting Your Headshot as A Profile Picture.

Do you always crop into the head like it shows on this website?

No. We shoot a wider headshot and then crop in later depending on the need. In your final photos you will receive two different crops – an original wide crop that shows you whole head, a tighter 2×2 crop that is perfect for LinkedIn and other social media. Cropping into the head is an artistic choice we use for our website to make the photos consistent and feature the face. To read about our cropping philosophy click here.

How long do you keep the shots?

We keep all the original unedited photos as well as the retouched photos indefinitely. Just let us know if you want to look at them again. We always have people coming back and getting additional photos retouched to freshen up their profile pic. Read our blog about How Often Should I Change My Profile Photo?

How quickly do I receive my digital proofs back to review?

A link to your proofs is typically emailed to you within 3 business days of your headshot session. We send a Dropbox link. Read our blog about picking your final images from your digital proofs.

What is the turnaround once I have picked my final photos?

We strive to get retouched images back within one to two weeks. If you need them sooner, we offer a next day turnaround for a $75 rush charge.

Can I have the unedited proofs from my session for use after the shoot?

Yes. We do not watermark proofs and they are sized for web usage. You may use them immediately upon receipt.

Can SRK Headshot Day come to my company to do headshots?

Yes. Our Corporate Headshot Day program brings the SRK Headshot Day process to groups or companies with multiple employees.

How much retouching do you do?

We start out with moderate amounts of retouching. We like to say we want our clients to look like they just spent two weeks at a great spa. If you receive your retouched images and feel like you would like more retouching, or less, just let us know. We will adjust the retouching to your preferences. For more information about our retouching philosophy, click here.

What should I wear for my headshot?

Bring at least three outfits. Try to bring clothing that is appropriate to the image you want to put forth. Wear glasses if you normally wear them. You can read lots more tips on what to wear and what to bring on our blog What to Bring to Headshot Day.

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