Attorney Headshots

Websites for law firms absolutely require attorney headshots. You want confidence from potential clients looking up your firm and its attorneys. They must project the right image. The National Law Review recommends hiring a professional photographer among its eight Attorney Headshot Tips. SRK Headshot Day can help you achieve all eight of these tips with ease.

All attorney headshots should have the same lighting, style, crops and backgrounds. Having a standard for your firm website will look organized and professional. We can help you determine a style of headshot that communicates your value proposition to your clients. Don’t see the style or headshot background you want here? We can work with you to create a new standard from scratch or work from examples you like.

Once we have set the standard, we can come to your firm’s locations to photograph your attorneys in a consistent style and attitude. We can do this for all your locations whether you are a small firm with one office or a national firm with multiple locations. As you add attorneys, we can come to you for those new people. Or you can send them one at a time to us for convenient and timely appointments. Your new lawyer quickly has their headshot on your site as part of the onboarding process.

See pricing and programs that fit all budgets on our Corporate Headshot page.

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