Corporate Headshots

SRK Headshot Day features our Corporate Headshot Day Programs. We come to your location.


  1. Choose a corporate headshots date at your location
  2. Have employees sign-up on our custom scheduling page
  3. Employees receive their coached headshot session.
  4. Pick your favorite headshots from online proofs
  5. Receive your retouched corporate headshot photos

Corporate Headshot Day Program

Convenient. Easy. Powerful. Our Corporate Headshot Day program produces the best quality professional headshots for your team, with minimal effort on your part. We come to your location and handle the entire process for you.

With our online scheduling, each member of your team can see the available times and sign up. You don’t have to coordinate. We confirm with each person before their session, letting them know when to come, what to bring and how to prepare.

The day of the session our team arrives and sets up our studio at your location for minimal disruption to each team member’s busy day. A few days after the session, each person receives an email link to the photos from their session. They can pick their shots directly from us, or you can have final approval. We then handle all the retouching and send the photos back for posting or printing.

The Corporate Headshot Day program includes a 20-minute coached headshot session and choice of backgrounds. And it includes the services of our professional makeup artist. The rate is $350 per person. 

There is a minimum charge of $2800 for our corporate headshots program. For this charge we can photograph as many as 8 people. After 8, there is an additional charge of $350 per person added to the minimum charge.

We can photograph on any headshot background and match your existing standard as well.

Corporate Headshot Express Package

If you are on tight on budget and time our SRK Corporate Express program is for you. The minimum charge is $2800. You can photograph up to 16 people for this amount. Additional individuals are $175 per person. Each person receives a 10 to 15 minute coached headshot session where we work with them to come up with a great headshot that finds their best angle and expression. There is no makeup artist or wardrobe consultation. After the photo session each subject will receive an email link to the photos from their session. Retouching is available for $125 per photo. See examples of our Express Headshots

Small Company Headshot Day Program

Do you want to take advantage of our corporate headshot day program but don’t have the space or enough people to have us come onsite?

Let us coordinate a headshot day for your team at our frequently occurring SRK Headshot Days. Just like for our large corporate clients, we assist you in scheduling each team member, determine a standard background color choice with you or your marketing team, put together wardrobe guidelines and more. Our SRK Headshot Day Classic Package includes a 30 minute coached headshot session, a professional makeup artist, and one edited photo. As your company grows, you can send new team members to our SRK Headshot Day and we will duplicate the same look and feel of your earlier photos. Contact us to work out the details for your company.

SRK Headshot Day appointments at our locations cost $350 per person for a 30 minute Classic session. Or $175 for our 15 minute Express program (Does not include makeup). You can book individual appointments at an upcoming SRK Headshot Day at convenient locations in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Sacramento and Los Angeles. SRK Headshot Day is also great for adding a photo for a new employee.

QuickShot Program for Large Numbers of Headshots in One Day

The SRK Headshot Day QuickShot program provides headshots for companies, organizations or events that need a large number of headshots in a short period of time. We set up a headshot station where your team members spend 5 minutes with a professional headshot photographer. Each person gets a great headshot that can be used on a website or social media.

The base program is 4 hours for $2800. We can photograph up to 12 people per hour so in four hours we can photograph 48 people. Additional hours are $395 per hour.

Each person needs to come to the session ready to go with their hair, makeup and clothing they way they want to look. We will coach them for the best poses and expression.

Following the session, we will email a dropbox link with the photos to each person.

Optional retouching is available for $125 per photo. Contact us today to schedule your QuickShot sessions for your organization.


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