SRK Headshot Day Resource Page

Susan Biakanja has great makeup and hair for her headshot.

The SRK Headshot Day Resource Page is provided to help you look good and be seen. Many talented professionals have contributed to making us look good — from makeup to website design and more. In this page we share those resources with you.

LinkedIn Consulting for Individuals
JoAnne Funch

Most of our customers will use their photo as their profile photo on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, people with a professional photo are 14 times more likely to be viewed.
If you need help getting your profile to stand out from the crowd, take a look at JoAnne Funch, a LinkedIn consultant who is an expert in helping people create a profile that really lets their personality, career skills and passions shine at a deeper level.

JoAnne has created a special pricing package for SRK Headshot Day customers. You can get the details at this link.

Career Coach
Julie Bauke
The Bauke Group

Not sure how to find the perfect career for you? Career coach Julie Bauke will help get you on the right path and you will have a lot of laughs along the way.

Consulting and Web Design Services
Two Hats
John Van Dinther

Many of our headshot day clients are referred to us by John at Two Hats Consulting. John and his team have helped many professionals and companies create clear, creative and concise websites.

Actor James Perkins is well-groomed and has a freshly pressed shirt for this headshot.

Creative Director – Art Direction and Graphic Design
Good Looking Design
Lauren Deane Evans

Lauren can make your website graphics and collateral materials grab the attention of your target customers. She designed the layout for our SRK Headshot Day website as well as our Muni bus ad that is still generating business long after that campaign ended.

Website Analytics
Pam Card
Surefire Online Marketing

Once you have your website completed it would be great if the orders just started rolling in and the customers started calling. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way — customers have to know how to find you and Pam Card is just the person to help you create that roadmap. From Google Adwords to Yelp she can work with you to see what fits best for your business and budget.

Angela Baker at SRK Headshot Day with the perfect blow dried hair.

Hair and Makeup

Blowdry Bars

Have your hair looks as great as your makeup for your headshot appointment. Check out these local blowdry bars and book your appointment before your headshot day session.
Both Halo Blow Dry Bar and The Dry Bar have locations throughout the SF Bay Area and Bounce Blowdry Bar has locations in Oakland and Berkeley.

Halo Blow Dry Bar

The Dry Bar


Madison Reed Root Touchup

Roots need a touch up but no time to get to your colorist before your appointment? Check out this great product from Madison Reed. Available at Sephora, amazon.com and salons as well at their online shop.

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