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Posting Your Profile Photo Headshot on Social Media

SRK Headshot Day

My Twitter Profile Page and Profile Photo as of June 28, 2014.


I have had several SRK Headshot Day customers ask me how to use their professional headshot as a profile photo for social media. Here are some tips and instructions for each of the main social media outlets. On each example below, I have included a hyperlink to my Social Media page so you can see how I did it. Please connect to me or follow while you are there!

Although there are specific instructions for our SRK Headshot Day customers, the instructions for each social media outlet below, will work for any photo you are posting as a profile picture. I have put the specific instructions for SRK Headshot Day customer in italics.

When you receive your retouched photos from SRK Headshot Day, you will receive two versions. One folder will say “Edits_Web”. This is the one you want to use for posting on social media. (The “Edits_Hi_Res” is for printing or other uses that require large files.) In the edits web file there are three crops. The original wide crop with a name like Scott_R_Kline_1234_Web. The tighter 3×2 crop labeled Scott_R_Kline_1234_Crop32_Web. And the square or “social media” crop called Scott_R_Kline_1234_SQ_Web. This last one is the one meant for the social media below. But if you want a wider crop, the original can serve that purpose. I think on the tiny window of social media profile pictures, you want to fill that square with your beautiful face: especially when they are viewed on a smartphone. More can be read on my cropping philosophy here.

The first step is to download the photos to your Hard Drive. From the Dropbox folder “Edits_Web” on the Dropbox website, highlight the files you want to download. Click the download icon and the files are copied to your hard drive. Locate them and move them to the place you want to keep them. In all the examples below, you will select from the photos in the folder on your hard drive. Now go to the social media site where you want to use the new profile picture.

Headshots cropped for social media profile photos need to feature the face.

LinkedIn. – Log in to your account. At the top menu select Profile. Click the edit button to the right of your photo. In tour photo a small camera icon will occur. Click on this. You will be given a dialog box. Click the blue type that says “Change Photo”. This will allow you to find the photo you saved on your hard drive. Select it. If you use the square cropped photo we provide for you, you are done. Otherwise you can crop the photo using the yellow box provided. Try to fill the box with your face. Hit Save. You are all done.

Facebook – Very simple process. From the home page, click on your profile photo. From your profile page, your photo will have a camera icon. Click on that. Select “Upload photo” for the choices. Locate the profile photo on your computer. If you use the square copped photo, you should be all set. If not or you want to adjust further click on the photo again. You will get a pop-up menu. Select “Edit Thumbnail”. You get a set of crossed arrows when you mouse over the little image. Drag it to get it how you like it.

Instagram – A little more complicated. As far as I can tell, you cannot do it from your computer. So you do it from the app on the phone. Click the little rectangle with dot and lines in the lower right hand corner of the app. This brings up your profile. Select “Edit Your Profile”. Next you get an edit screen that shows your current profile photo with the word “Edit” under it. Click there. You are given lots of choices. The easiest is to use your Facebook Profile photo, if you like it or have already changed it. If not, you need to have your photo you want to use on your phone. You can do this by emailing it to yourself and saving it to your phone or if you have your Dropbox link we send you with the edited photos, you can call up the photo and save it to your phone. Then in Instagram when you get the menu after hitting Edit under your photo, use “Choose From Library” on your phone. Select the photo and you are done.

One hint on any round profiles like what is on Instagram, you might want to start with the widest crop photo you have and adjust it. You can do this by pinching and opening your thumb and index finer on the photo and moving it around with one finger.

Twitter – Log on to your twitter account. Click on your photo. You will get your “Me” screen. Click the “Edit Profile” button. Your profile photo now has a camera icon. Click on that and select “Upload Photo”. Select your photo, once again, I recommend the square crop we gave you. Hit apply. You are done. If you want you can adjust it in tighter with the slider right below the photo.

This square-cropped headshot of writing coach Molly Hartle is perfect for posting on social media.

Google Plus – Log into Google. Click on your photo. Select “View Profile”. If you have set up a Google Plus account, your profile will come up. Mouse over your profile photo and you get the ever-familiar camera icon. Click on it. Then select “Select a photo from your computer”. Once again, pick the photo you want to use. You are given a nice square within a square that lets you drag the corners to crop the photo the way you want. Once you a re happy, select “Set as profile photo.” All done. Google uses the round setting on your profile, so often the wider cropped photo is a good place to start.

Pinterest – Log into your account. In the upper right, click on your photo. Select from the drop down menu “Setting”. Under the Profile section select the button “Change Picture”. Next hit “Choose File”. Find the photo on your computer and hit “choose”. In Pinterest you cannot adjust the crop as far as I can tell. So use a pre-cropped photo here. Your square one is the best bet.

I know I could cover Reddit, Tumbler, etc. But once you have mastered these, the rest kind of make sense. Also, invariably, the sites change the way they work every time you get them figured out. So I three months, these instructions may be out-of-date. I will try to update periodically. Please let me know if you find anything here that should be updated.

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