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Claritas Rx Corporate Photography

SRK Headshot Day

This workstyle photo of the Claritas Rx team shows the company culture and team dynamic and is part of a Corporate Photography program.

Claritas Rx needed corporate photography including outdoor headshots, a team photo and workstyle photos of their people at the office. Over two sessions, SRK Headshot Day provided everything they needed to get their website populated with great photos for their customers and potential new hires. Claritas Rx is a fast growing medical technology startup based in South San Francisco.

Outdoor Headshots

The first session included 12 subjects and workstyle photography. Allison Marshall, the Claritas Rx Marketing Communications Manager, imagined headshots set along the bay at their Oyster Point offices. We love creating outdoor headshots. We set up 30-minute sessions and got everyone signed up. After a makeup session with our makeup artist Andrea Ortega Costigan, each subject was escorted to their photo location. We employ a mobile lighting setup that allowed us to photograph each person in a different location. We use the same large, soft light modifier that we use for our studio headshots. This provides a consistent look for every subject.

Workstyle Photos

After we completed the headshots, we hung out in the office with the employees while they worked and held meetings. Photos of the team at work included one, two and three people working at their desks, an executive meeting and a larger all hands session. We encouraged the subjects to actually be working. With minor direction, the photos have a very realistic feel and give potential employees an idea of the culture and work environment.

Outdoor Headshots of the Claritas Rx Team by the San Francisco Bay.

In our second session a few months later, we photographed new employees and those visiting from other locations. After completing headshots in the same style as the initial session, we set up for an all-hands group photo along the bay. It was a bright windy day and we decided to light the team with multiple lights and have the beautiful San Francisco Bay in the background.

Group Photo

A group photo is always a document of your company at a given moment in time. Even though the players might change, a good photo shows the team dynamic and the culture of the company should come through.

As Claritas Rx grows we will make sure to keep a consistent look and feel for their photos so that all the headshots on the website look as if they were taken at one session.

If your company branding and website could benefit from a well-thought-out corporate photography strategy for your team and individuals, please contact us. We would love to brainstorm ideas for photos that fit your company.

Claritas Rx Team Photo near the office by the San Francisco Bay

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