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Why the Right Headshot Makeup is Important

SRK Headshot Day

Makeup Artist Andrea Marie Ortega shows off the many tools she uses to do her headshot makeup and for SRK Headshot Day.

“Do I really need makeup for my headshot?” I am often asked. Yes. Headshot makeup can make or break your professional headshot. And there are many reasons why.

Headshot Makeup evens out the Skin Tone

This is the number one reason to use makeup. Even men can benefit from a more even skin tone. The older we get, the more uneven our skin tone. Red noses, chins and cheeks are all softened with a little concealer. Also, blemishes, sun damage and dark circles are mitigated.

Headshot Makeup Reduces Shine

We naturally have oil in our skin and tend to shine. Even without a makeup artist, I carry translucent powder with me to reduce shine on subjects. With strobe lights flashing, shine is enhanced, so makeup really makes a difference.

Headshot Makeup Tames the Flyaways

Even though we ask our subjects to come to SRK Headshot Day with their hair ready to go, our makeup artists are always ready to do a little smoothing. Flips can be turned under, excessive curls straightened and flyaways are brought under control.

Get The Right Color for You

Our makeup professionals know what looks best with your coloring. They will enhance your look to show the best you. Lipstick alone can have a dramatic effect on your look. With a professional makeup artist, the color will look fantastic in your portrait.

Makeup artist Monica Bolyard gives a little touchup to Jennifer Chatfield at a recent SRK Headshot Day in San Francisco.

Headshot Makeup Brings Out Those Eyes

Mascara can really enhance your eyes. A professional makeup artist can hit the perfect balance.

Headshot Makeup Cuts Down on Retouching Required

By having a good makeup session, we cut down on the amount of retouching needed in your photo. Ironically, this makes you look more natural. It also helps us turn around your retouched photos faster.

Pampering Makes You Special

Getting pampered before your shoot can really make you feel like a star. We find the makeup session really relaxes people and puts them in a good mood for their photo shoot. Many people tell us how much the special treatment adds to their headshot experience.

Makeup for men can help keep the shine to a minimum in the professional headshot. Wynn Hauser shows how it’s done here.

Men Need Headshot Makeup Too

Of course many people won’t wear lipstick and mascara. Most, but not all of our male clients don’t. Many female clients do not either. We strive to bring out the best you and our makeup artist always asks how you want to look before proceeding. However, anyone can benefit from a little powder and/or hair smoothing.

We include makeup with our SRK Headshot Day individual appointments. It is also included for our Corporate Headshot Day with 8 or more people, except on the Headshot Day Express program. It’s worth the investment. And getting the most return on your photography investment is money well spent. Book your appointment now at SRKHeadshotDay.com/book-now.

For more tips on using makeup in headshots see our interview with makeup artist Andrea Ortega.

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