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Requirements for Your Medical ERAS Application Photo

SRK Headshot Day
Rakhee in her ERAS application photo

The ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) is a centralized site for processing medical fellowship and residency materials such as letters of recommendations and grade transcripts.

One of the required items is a ERAS application photo of you that will be attached to your application. 

Your photo might be used in several ways by the selection committee including the possibility that they might enlarge your photo and put it on a big screen when they discuss your application. Your photo will also be included in the interview day information along with everyone else visiting that day.  After your selection, your photo might also appear on “meet the new intern” flyers or in other information in the department you are working in.

The ERAS specifies guidelines for the photo that include dimensions not to exceed 2.5 x 3.5 inches, resolution of 150 dpi and file size under 100kb. ERAS doesn’t specify that you get a professional photo. But it makes sense to put your best face forward for such an important process.

ERAS Application Photo Tips

Lauren in an ERAS application

The ERAS doesn’t give other guidelines for your photo. Here are a few tips we have found from our research that can help you prepare for your headshot session:

-Do not wear your white coat.

-If you wear glasses, wear them in your photo.

-For women, if you have long or medium length hair wear it down.

-Do not wear anything distracting such as busy patterns or large pieces of jewelry.

These guidelines mesh well with the preparation tips we give to our headshot day customers including our wardrobe guidelines for both men and women.

Although the ERAS doesn’t specify background color, several schools do have specific guidelines so it is best to be photographed on a white or light gray background. 

Remember you can also use this photo not only for the ERAS, but also for your LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

The ERAS has two application deadlines — one in July and one in December.  SRK Headshot Day delivers your proofs within three days of your photo session and final retouched photo one week after you give us your choice to retouch.

Schedule your headshot session today at SRK Headshot Day — it will be the easiest and certainly the most enjoyable part of the ERAS application process.

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