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Makeup Tips for Headshots

SRK Headshot Day

Makeup should look natural and polished in a headshot.

Including a professional makeup artist at our headshot sessions is one of the main reasons our clients pick SRK Headshot Day for their professional headshot session. We think camera-ready makeup and good grooming is key to a great headshot result.

We offer the services of a professional makeup artist at our 30 and 60 minute headshot sessions as well as at our four hour personal branding sessions.

Our Express (10-15 minute session) and our QuickShot (5 minute session) programs though do not offer the services of a professional makeup artist. Our Express Program is geared toward clients who are on a tight budget and our QuickShot program is perfect for those clients who need a large number of photos in a short amount of time for example at a conference or corporate gathering. Given the short session times there isn’t enough time for the services of a professional makeup artist.

The right makeup for your headshot is still important.  We reached out to two of our SRK headshot Day professional makeup artists to give tips for both men and women when doing their own makeup and grooming prior to their headshot session.

Get your hair styled before your headshot

Los Angeles based makeup artist Andrea Costigan offered these tips:

Headshot Makeup Tips for Women

•Get your hair cut and colored within a couple weeks of your appointment

•Take a trip to a makeup counter
Leading up to your appointment take a trip to Sephora or your favorite department store. Shop with a makeup expert to choose the perfect foundation and powder match for your skin and a great lipstick color that suits your skin tone and your clothing,

I recommend shopping for a matte or semi-matte finish foundation to minimize extra shine, such as the HD foundation from Makeup Forever.

Tips for The Day of Your Headshot Session

•Schedule a blow dry at a local blow out bar prior to your appointment

•Make sure to curl your lashes and add an extra coat or two of mascara to help your eyes appear more awake and defined.

•If you are wearing false eyelashes apply them well before you come for your headshot. Here are some tips on false eyelashes.

Make sure your eyebrows look great before your headshot

•If your eyebrows are faint, thin, or patchy, use an eyebrow pencil such as
the Kat Von D pencils or powder such as Anastasia Beverly Hill brow powder for added definition and to help frame your eyes.

San Francisco based makeup artist Erika Taniguchi adds additional day of tips:

•Always wear a lip color, even if it’s just a slight pink gloss, because it helps to add color and pop to your overall complexion.

Both Costigan and Taniguchi recommend avoiding:
Shimmery eyeshadows or blushes, and opt for more matte or satin finishes — the camera doesn’t like the shine from these types of products.

Stay away also from using sunscreen the day of your session or any products that contain sunscreen.

Taniguchi advises to focus most of your makeup on evening out your skin without highlight or shimmer which can look oily or sweaty under the photo lights.

Makeup for men in headshots reduces shine and makes for a healthy look without being noticed.

Headshot Makeup for Men

Preparation is just as important for the men:
Costigan advises:

•Make sure to get a haircut a few days before, that way it has some time to grow into your best looking style. If you go to a barber, ask them if they can check your ears, nose, and eyebrows for any excessive or extra long hairs.

•Wash your face with an exfoliating cleanser such as the Shiseido Scrub cleanser and use a moisturizer such as Kiehl’s Facial Fuel to promote a healthy looking complexion in the time leading up to your appointment.

Taniguchi also emphasizes to keep out of the sun prior to your headshot so you don’t have a sunburn in your headshot.

The Day of your headshot session Costigan advises:
•To prevent shine, bring your skin cleanser to your appointment to give yourself a quick wash before photos.

Taniguchi adds:
•Don’t forget to apply lip balm in the days leading up to your session and the day of your session to ensure you won’t have dry, flakey lips.

Follow these tips and you will feel and look your best for your headshot session.  Or you can leave the makeup to us — book your 30 or 60 minute headshot session at srkheadshotday.com

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