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Sarah Cooper – Personal Branding Website Portraits

SRK Headshot Day

Sarah Cooper celebrates with Confetti. She used this one on her contact page of her Personal Branding website.

Comedian and Author Sarah Cooper recently launched her new website. As a wildly popular blogger, her Cooper Review attracts more than 100,000 readers per month. To communicate her unique brand of creativity and humor, Sarah worked with us to create photos for her website. Each of the six main pages needed a colorful banner photo communicating a different message. We used a combination of different backdrops to give each page a unique feel and communicate Sarah’s personal branding.

All the images were created in a half day of shooting. To accomplish this takes organization and creativity. Sarah knew what she wanted for her website. She and her web designer had mapped out the website in advance. She knew she wanted colorful images. Sarah assembled a deck of photos that showed the mood and feel she wanted. Then she gave us notes on colors that would tie into the website. From this we created a shot list with specific colors for each page. Sarah then coordinated outfits with the planned colors. We made sure we had the backgrounds needed prior to the session. We made a list of props that were required and they were ready to go when the session began.

Actor and Comedian Sarah Cooper Portrait in Pink Dress.

The day of the photo shoot, Sarah had her hair done prior to arrival. Working with our makeup artist, we got Sarah ready for the day and then adjusted the makeup for each setup as required.

Use a Plan When Creating Photography for a Personal Branding Website

Having a photo plan is very important to making sure you get everything you need for your website. It also allows for everyone to relax while creating the photos and give room for creativity. Not only did we get the photos she originally wanted, but we riffed on ideas as the session progressed, coming up with new ideas and unique images that Sarah could have in her photo bank for future use.

Sarah Cooper makes a point while wearing pajama bottoms, fuzzy slippers and a suit top.

From the final set of images, Sarah chose 16. Her website sarahcpr.com is now live and looks fabulous and well thought out. It reflects her sense of humor and most importantly communicates her bright and colorful brand.

We have worked with many individuals with wide ranging professions to craft photos that communicate their personal brand. When coordinated with a a well-designed website, a personal brand comes through loud and clear to potential customers. If you have a brand you are trying to communicate through a website, we can create the images that make it stand out visually. Our personal branding package will get you well on your way to success. Read more about our program and see our portfolio. You can also pricing on our website.

Comedian and author Sarah Cooper is a dancing machine.

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